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Maid Will help keep everything in the house clean and tidy on a regular basis clean the house and outside the house Including as well as taking care of tidiness as appropriate or according to customer orders and can also help with other tasks according to the nature of work of each house All housewives have been trained and properly inspected.


• Basic cleaning such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping

• Take care of basic cleanliness, such as changing bed sheets

• General laundry tasks such as clothes

• Outdoor work such as watering plants, sweeping leaves

• Help prepare food, cook rice, warm rice

• Help open-close the door when there is a car in-out

• Shopping, shopping

• Other works according to the nature of work of each house

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Address: 63/20 Ban Siren Village Soi Banmai4 Huahin 116 Prachabkhirikhan Thailand 77110. Thailand
Phone:   +66 85-5343547
Mobile:   +66 85-592-7999
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