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What type of business is is an online platform where buyers and suppliers come to communicate, collaborate and make business transactions. We can provide your company with the links you need to do business with foreign companies. Moreover, facilitates business to business (B2B), trades exchange that can generate enormous benefits to your company, both in cost savings and productivity increase.

What makes better than other B2B websites?

1. is the best in Thailand in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This enables your company’s website to appear first when a consumer is using an internet search engine. For example, when you search in or you just type the product’s name followed by Export Thailand. The chance for you to find your product in the first page of Google is more than 80%. Moreover, We provide another 10 network websites to ensure that the chance of appearing in product searches has increased by more than 10 times.

2. Our technical programmers at are experts in the field of E-marketing. We develop our websites so they can be frequently and thoroughly updated. We offer our clients 24 hour live support which can inform you of inquires from foreign clients or inform you when a transaction has occurred, just in case you don’t have time to check your messages. This is for the best benefit for our members not to lose out on potential business transactions.

3. Our system is efficient. It is easy to use for both buyers and sellers. It is simple and fast. Our main server of is located in a foreign country; therefore, foreign buyers can easily access our website. This means you will be able to download information faster than from companies that have their servers in Thailand.

4. By simply applying with you can benefit from our services. You can use our website to post the products you have available for sale (the number of products is dependent on membership status). Moreover, we provide a sub-domain to our members. For example, your Also, we can provide and host an E-mail address for you to communicate between sellers and buyers.

5. Signing up with will make you business stand out and solidify your business as a leader in the export market. Plus, it can help you save advertising costs so you can earn more profit. In addition, your business will stay one step ahead of the competition.

Why is it important to promote your products online?

Nowadays, online marketing has become a necessity for businesses to promote their products to foreign buyers. Joining will assist your company to open a new channel of customers, and it’s a very reasonable price compared to other forms of media. It’s simple and easy to use. Our website is an efficient channel to promote your products and your services to new target of your customers.

Which business can use is suitable for any kinds of business that want to have a website for promoting their products to the worldwide market, or for those who want their business to be well known online. If you sign up with us, it won’t be necessary to have your own website. We offers SEO Services with a high quality. Our SEO system will promote your products or services to the top list of Search Engine websites such as,, and We can guarantee that your products and services will show up in the top list of Search Engine websites when you search for your product name followed by Export Thailand.

What other services that offer? offers many other services shown below:
1. Multiple languages translation i.e. English and Japanese.
2. Finding export-partners, finding buyers.
3. Designing services for logo, website or brochure.
4. Website designing & building.
5. Writing software applications.

Can I sell online through is a B2B website for buyer and seller to meet each other. It’s not use for the individual sell of products to retail customers.

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