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Electric Bed 3 Levels

Category: Medical Equipment
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Brand: Medical equipments
Mobile:   +66 91-465-6535
The structure made from high quality steel and painted, able to adjust the bed 3 levels.

Electric Bed 3 Levels

Product/Service Details: Electric Bed 3 Levels Electric Bed 3 Levels TA 227E


The structure made from high quality steel and painted, able to adjust the bed 3 levels.

1. Adjustable the height - lowness 45 - 78 cm.
2. Adjustable the bed head 80 ํc
3. Adjustable the bed end 40 ํc
4. Central control locking system 
5. Bed rail made from aluminum and adjustable
6. Bed head - end barriers made from ABS plastic and removable 
7. Bed size 90 x 210 x 45 - 78 cm. (W x D x H)
8. Motor can be use to the power 220V, with a secondary battery

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Level 2 Saller
Address: Thailand
Mobile:   +66 91-465-6535
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