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Austria Visa

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Information on procedures applicable to all Thai residents who wish to apply for a visa to travel to Austria.

Austria Visa


Excellent Visa provides all types of visas around the world.

The principle of immigration rules and regulations that must be

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Visa  is a conditional authority given by a competent authority of a country for a person who is not a citizen of that country to enter its territory and to remain there for a limited duration. Each country typically attaches various conditions to their visas, such as duration of stay, the territory covered by the visa, dates of validity, whether the visa is valid for more than one visit, etc. Visas are associated with the request for permission to enter a country, and are thus, for some countries, distinct from actual formal permission for an alien to enter and remain in the country. In any event, a visa is subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry, and can be revoked at any time. There are many types as following...


Excellent Visa Service provides different types of visa application services including non-immigrant visa (tourist/student / business visa) and immigrant visa, filling out worldwide visa application forms, tourist visa, study visa, working visa, marriage visa, visiting relatives and booking the interview date. preparing the required documents and submitting visa applications and providing integrated services until visas are issued.


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Mobile:   +66 91-599-4999, +66 92-425-2894
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from 14/11/2013, the procedure for applying for a visa will slightly be modified because of the introduction of the VIS.
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Working holiday visa, for individuals traveling between nations offering a working holiday program.
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Switzerland in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Visas are associated with the request for permission to enter a country.
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Visa reserves the right not to refund the fees for the requester. Whether a visa is approved or not.
Place of Origin: Bangkok
All applicants should, submit their visa application in person at the Visa Application Centre.
Place of Origin: Bangkok
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