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Aluminium Wheelchair B 915

Category: Medical Equipment
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Brand: Patient equipments
Mobile:   +66 91-465-6535
Aluminium Wheelchair B 915

Aluminium Wheelchair B 915

Product /Service Details: Aluminium Wheelchair B 915

1.Framing made from steel coat chromium
2.Level for lie modulate most 180 Degree.
3.Chair back remove out.
4.Footrest remove out.
5.Wheel is wheel alloy solid wheel.
6.Placed arm upraise easy by move patient.
7.Glove compartment backside Chair.
8.Barrier supine behind.
9.While amplitude extend 63 Cm
10.Amplitude for hassock 41 Cm.
11.Line of central rear wheel 60 Cm.
12.Line of central front wheel 20 Cm.
13.The weight of wheelchair patients 26 Kg.
14.Receive on the weight 100 Kg.

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Level 2 Saller
Address: Thailand
Mobile:   +66 91-465-6535
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