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Setting pressure of oxygen

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Setting pressure of oxygen

Setting pressure of oxygen

Setting pressure of oxygen.

First . Uniform pressure of oxygen (Oxygen Regulator).
- Set pressure of oxygen (Oxygen Regulator) ? Factor the types of pressure at 50 psi. ( Pounds per square inch ) made of brass, chrome kit on both sides.
- Joint access to oxygen. There is standard CGA 540 Brass Filter at the joint . Filter dust out of reach .
- A gauge (UL-LISTED USA) oxygen pressure inside the tank 0-4000 psi. ( Pounds per square inch ) and a warning letter USE NO OIL ( no lubrication ) .
Two . Sets the flow rate of oxygen (Oxygen Flowmeter).
- Adjust the flow rate of 0-15 L / min maximum opening of not less than 60 liters / minute.
- Flowmeter Calibration via a Serial Number and a unique calibration .
- Flowmeter joints under a DISS CONNECTION.
- The body is chrome plated brass .
Three . Bottled water humidifier (Humidifier).
- The bottle is made of clear plastic . Polycarbonate. (Polycarbonate).
- There are limits to the level of the water . High and low capacity of about 300 ml.
- Filtered water bottles to removal.
- Valve pressure . The oxygen bending sound on call .

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