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T-Shirt Bag Making Machine CW-800P-SV

Chao Wei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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CW-800P-SV Super High Speed T Shirt Bag Making Machine

T-Shirt Bag Making Machine CW-800P-SV

CW-800P-SV Super High Speed T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

Human touch screen, simple operation.

Servo motor feeding control, high-speed production.

Inverter-Motor tension control un-winder, regarding to production speed, brake to change feeding speed. Max, dia of plastic film is 800mm.

Unwind Stand with pneumatic loading device.

Air Shaft.

Auto-punching bags folding device.

The machine adopted pluging type IC circuit auto-controlled system for easy replacement.

Punch-out scraps are collected by conveyor for easy disposal.

Air blowing out feed system incorporating with bottom smoothing device. Ensure neat bags are stackedd fot accurate bags gripping and punching.

Automatic punching machine use air pressure to push oil hydraulics. Easy to operate, without noise fault of hydraulics.

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Mobile:   +66 81-791-1055
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