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Small Satellite Research Center

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ATSAT Technology Co., Ltd.
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A constellation of small satellites will generate up to 60 PB of ground-based observations of scientific quality each year.

Small Satellite Research Center

The Main Features of Small Satellites

Research and Development

• The new technology content is high, the development cycle is short (about 1 year)

• Low research funding (tens of millions of RMB, for example, 300 million USD large satellites can be replaced by a 60 million USD small satellite constellation)


• Can be further networked to form a "virtual satellite" with a distributed constellation

• The launch of small microsatellites is light in weight, small in size, and coupled with mass production, the production costs are low


• Can be launched with small rockets, or launched as an auxiliary payload for large rockets, with low launch costs

• Using ground (water) surface artillery launches to meet the needs of rapid response

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Phone:   +66 89-669-6946
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The new technology content is high, the development cycle is short (about 1 year)
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