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Liquid level switch

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand: MORE
Model/Product ID: MR-ELL-SA
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MR-ELL- SA External level switch is a non-contact level switch by using the Variable frequency ultrasonic technology, it is widely applied to all kind

Liquid level switch

Working Principles of the External Level Switch

The measuring probe of the instrument can send the ultrasonic and detect the residual vibration signal in the wall of the container. The amplitude of the residual vibration signal will becomes smaller when the liquid is over the probe. A switch signal will be outputted after such change is detected by the instrument.

The Variable Frequency Ultrasonic Technology is invented by the DingHua and it is the world’s leading ultrasonic signal change detection technology.

The main problem for the traditional ultrasonic level switch is that the ultrasonic signal can be interfered by the attachments from the tank wall and the amplitude of residual vibration signal can be changed by the drift of the temperature and time, thus the misinformation phenomenon is easy to appear. More owned the patent of self adaptive ultrasonic technology of variable amplitude variable frequency and it can effectively eliminate the interference and drift to test the changes of the signal correctly. So that it can be applied to a variety of complex site conditions, stable and reliable long-term work.

This product adopts the "micro vibration analysis" external sonar signal processing technology and leading manufacturing process,  and ensure the reliability and durability of MR-ELL-SA external variable frequency ultrasonic level switch. 

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