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Freezer stainless steel nofrost system he stood frozen in 4-door.TJSR4132

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Place of Origin: Bangkok
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Fridge 4-door stainless steel standing capacity of 46 queries.Dimensions W x D x H 132x80x205 cm.- Cooling the no frost system

Freezer stainless steel nofrost system he stood frozen in 4-door.TJSR4132


Fridge 4-door stainless steel standing capacity of 46 queries.

Dimensions W x D x H 132x80x205 cm.

- Cooling the no frost system

- The structure and doors are made of stainless steel grades A fine scratch-resistant.
- Use heat insulation with high density. Can prevent leakage of air inside the cabinet. Thus saving electricity.
- Floors are made of stainless steel. Allows easy cleaning and hygienic.
- The top is a solid door temperature - 8 to - 18 degrees.
- R-132A refrigerant is used to help reduce global warming.
- Compressor 1 / 2 hp.

** รับประกันความเย็น 1 ปี
** ตัวตู้และอุปกรณ์ภายนอกไม่รับประกัน


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Address: 384 Bangkhutian-Chaitalae , Samaedum, Bangkhutian, Bangkok, 10170 Thailand
Mobile:   +66 99-324-9888
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