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2 Cold water hot water faucet Maxcool a hot tap the MCH-3PC

Category: Franchise
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Mobile:   +66 99-324-9888
2 Cold water, hot water faucet Maxcool a hot tap the MCH-3PC.

2 Cold water hot water faucet Maxcool a hot tap the MCH-3PC

* PCB with "argon" 100% lead free.
* The cabinets and cans of cold water, stainless steel 304.
* Can a water-cooled stainless steel one-piece seamless.
* Air cooled.
* A system to prevent compressor overload.

The floor.
Voltage of 220V.
Frequency 50/60 Hz.
Compressor 78 W./0.55 Amp.
Liquid R-134a.
The temperature in the thermostat probe.
Water capacity 3.1 liters water 4 liters of hot water.
The cold (hot) 4-8 ° C. (90 degrees C.).
Hot water heater 750 W.
Cooling to 4 L / H.
Thermal Control System Auto Sports.
Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H) cm 31 x 31 x 95.
1 year warranty ** cold.
The cabinet and the external device is not guaranteed **.

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Level 2 Saller
Address: 384 Bangkhutian-Chaitalae , Samaedum, Bangkhutian, Bangkok, 10170 Thailand
Mobile:   +66 99-324-9888
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