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Solar Energy Water Pump 760 l/hr

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Model/Product ID: STC_Solar heater
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Water can be pumped for use in schools, factories, hotels, agricultural pumps, compact, lightweight, low power consumption, quiet operation, smooth el

Solar Energy Water Pump 760 l/hr

Water Pump Solar (Solar Pump).

Water can be pumped for use in schools, factories, hotels, agricultural pumps, compact, lightweight, low power consumption , quiet operation , smooth electricity cost savings . Reduce expenditure on installation of electrical pole line . Easy care no danger of fire, electrical shock adsorption . Due to a low voltage . Can be used at any time.
No batteries required . Less maintenance hassle.


Voltage 48VDC (DC Pump).
Fire safety does not suck because of the low pressure .
Can be powered directly from a battery or solar cell .
And maintaining a budget .
Immediately when there is sunlight. It can pump water throughout the day .
Maximum pumping rate of 760 l / hr ) .
Maximum water level : 55 meters.
Speed ​​can be adjusted in the carrying amount of pumping .
The sensors. Detect and prevent dry . Water-filled tank .
Capable of continuous use . Transport water throughout the day .
The system automatically prevents damage due to dry .
3 inches in diameter for use with artesian pool canal lake .
Compatible with 650W solar cells immediately.

Examples of use .

Pumping irrigate vegetable crops, forest garden system drip feed throughout the day.
High nutrient animal . Farm system on / off pond .
Pump to save electricity, schools, factories, hotels, resorts and homes.
Reduce expenditure on planting poles , conduit for pumping water long distances .
Plumbing small village .
Saving electricity costs . Oil suction and delivery of water .
Reduce the cost of electricity, oil, transport and purchase of water each year tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands of baht

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