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Roasted Seaweed Snack (Jumbo)

Category: Food & Beverage
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Brand: Jumbo
Triple-M Products Co., Ltd.
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Resealable Zipper Roasted Seaweed Snack (Jumbo) Original, Spicy Flavor "Oil Free"

Roasted Seaweed Snack (Jumbo)

Resealable Zipper Seaweed Snack (Jumbo) Original, Spicy Flavour "Oil Free"

Size: Zip pack 12 x 6 g (Roasted Seaweed)

Flavour: Original, Spicy Packing: 1 x 10 x 6

Dimention (cm.): 10.38 x 17.78 x 11

Triple-M Japanese Crispy Seaweed is produced by using special technology and process, retaining most of the nutrition with the finest ingredients with no artificial preservatives and coloring. They are high in nutritional value such as protein, calcium, dietary fiber. They are delicious, healthy, low in calories and free of cholesterol. You can enjoy this inexpensive yet highly nutritional and tasty seaweed anytime and anywhere, as a snack, as a supplement to your meals or as a topping on your healthy dish, such as sandwiches and salads. We are the expert in seaweed and snack field. We produce various styles of seaweed snack. We provide 4 brands of seaweed snack, you may see in department stores such as Triple-M, Jumbo, Tawandaeng, M-Taro.

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Fax:   +66 2-453-6416
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