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Precise Granule Packing Machine

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Model/Product ID: MK-60KZ
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Model: MK-60KZ

Precise Granule Packing Machine

Precise Granule Packing Machine MK-60KZ

Scope of application: Granule Packing Machine is suitable for pharmacy,
food, household chemicals, plastic products and other special industry and
other loose type and inviscid granule material. Such as seeds, Chinese Drugs,
feeding stuff, medicinal granules, piller, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar,
soup blend, oat, tea, active carbon, washing powder, dryer, etc.


1. Automatic granule packing machine can finish the process like conveying bag,
bag making, filling, weighing, sealing, cutting, counting, lot number, etc.

2. Bilingual display screen control system, stainless steel cabinet. Set up the
required data (include filling, weighing, bag size, etc) in the visuable settings,
the control system automatic optimization match with all the program so that
achieve the best packing speed precisely.

3. Stepper Motor control, this system has the advantage of precise, needless
to adjust the other parts

4. It has color system controller, so that can get the complete trade mark design.

5. Suitable for the complex film and tin foil and other packing material. Fine packaging
performance, low noise, clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.

Optional Equipment: Thermal Printer Conversion from trilateral seal to quadrilateral seal
Venting Device Easy-to-Tear-Knife-Device Flat cutter, Tooth cutter, continuous point cutter

Technical Data:

Capacity: 30-60bag/min
Measuring Scope: 1-100ml(TBA)
Bag Size:(L)40-200,(W)40-110mm
Film Width: 220mm
Sealing type: Trilateral or Quadrilateral seal
Power: 1150W Net weight: 230kg
Voltage: 220V, 380V/50HZ
Packing Material: paper/PE, Polyester/aluminum foil/PE,
nylon/polyethylene, tea filter paper,etc.
Overall size: L800×W700×H1600 mm

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Phone:   +66 2 451 6366-7
Fax:   +66 2 451 6368
Mobile:   +66 81 672 1913
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