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Other Event Services

Mighty MICE Cambodia Co., Ltd.
Office Equipment, Voting System, Still Photography & VDO Recording, Graphic Designs, Document Production

Other Event Services

Other Event Services by Mighty MICE

a. Office Equipment

b. Voting System

c. Still Photography & VDO Recording

d. Graphic Designs

e. Document Production

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Address: Cambodia
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Highest Digital Infra-red technology which amazingly supports maximum interpretation at 32 languages.
It is simply turned On and Off by a soft touch button on the unit with the 50cm Gooseneck microphone.
Mighty MICE could recruit the proper “Interpreter” such as Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispering.
Experience the high quality of the Simultaneous Interpretation System from products by Shure and DIS.
Provide Conference Audio System which offers high performance and high quality for each scale of meeting together.
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