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Multi Materials Hardware Specialized Packaging Machine

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Model/Product ID: SJQ-60TS
Phone:   +66 2 451 6366-7
Fax:   +66 2 451 6368
Mobile:   +66 81 672 1913
Model: SJQ-60TS

Multi Materials Hardware Specialized Packaging Machine

Triple Materials Granule Packaging Machine

Scope of application: Widely used in automatic counting and packing for electrician and apparatus, furniture, lamp and screw, bolts etc.

1. Vibrating disk which, straight-line oscillation arrangement installment makes to order in view of the screw sample quantity body, with the precise counting control installment, guarantees each bag of accurate.
2. Uses step-by-steps the electrical machinery stepless speed regulation, the intelligent temperature control unit adjusts the seal temperature, and perform reliably, ease of operation.
3. Uses the photoelectric control system, the stable property, when the packing has color code s packing material, may obtain the complete pictorial trademark.
4. Uses PLC or the programmable PAC control system, causes each establishment simplicity of operator and is clear.
5. Breakdown from engine off, from the diagnosis, the use is safe, is simple.
6. Automatic demonstration packing quantity, may facilitate statistical machine s work load.
7. The entire pneumatic control system, air operated pulls the bag, the seal.

Technical specifications:
Packing rate: 5-7 bags/min
Bag size: (L) 50-180 mm, (W) 40-120 mm
Range of measurement: 1-12 grain
Film width: 240 mm.
Seam form: back sealing or 3 sides sealing
Overall dimensions: (L)1500 x (W)1300 x (H)1650 mm.
Power: 1.2 W Net weight: 400 KG Packing material:
paper/pe, pet/al, foil/pe, nylon/pe, tea-leaf filtering paper & ect.

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Address: 10 Soi Sakaengam 14, Samaedum, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, 10150 Thailand
Phone:   +66 2 451 6366-7
Fax:   +66 2 451 6368
Mobile:   +66 81 672 1913
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