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Madi Kombucha

Mobile:   +66 92-279-8035
Madi Kombucha Concentrate, fermented tea with concentrated Ganoderma lucidum Best Antioxidant Drinks (antioxidant) no alcohol Beneficial to the liver drink and refresh

Madi Kombucha

Mind Kombucha contains important vitamins and minerals. to many body types Fermented with 3 types of healthy microorganisms (yeast, lactic, acetic).


Mind Kombucha, มายด์ คอมบูชะ, Madi Kombucha, มาดี้ คอมบูชะ, D7 Kombucha, ชาหมัก ดี7, Betagen Kombucha, ชาหมัก บีทาเก้น

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Level 2 Saller
Address: 55/121 Kamphaeng Phet 6 Road, Ladyao Subdistrict, Chatuchak District, 10900 Thailand
Mobile:   +66 92-279-8035
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Kombucha, or fermented tea, is a drink that people have been familiar with for thousands of years. And it is believed that this drink has many health benefits.
Kombucha fermented tea leaf serum From natural extracts, reduce acne, blemishes, detox the skin at the cellular level.
Herbal tea to aid digestion Relieve flatulence, flatulence, stomach distension!! Ginger Tea Green Tea Turmeric Tea Chamomile Tea Peppermint Tea Lavender Tea
Net Weight 2.7 grams
Price: 49.00 THB
Fermented tea for health Fermen The hair from fermented tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, fermented by natural processes. No alcohol, children can drink.
Fragrant, sweet, refreshing with herbal candies good for health by eating herbal candy.
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