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High Energy Spotlight

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Model/Product ID: STC_Solar heater
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High Energy Spotlight

Spotlights lighting discounts .
(TL Series).

State policy . Energy saving more than 60 %.
- The latest technology !
- Brightness 500-7200 Lumen.
- The use of > 40,000 hours (5-10 years).
- Save money, save energy and use it for longer.
- Environmentally friendly .

Bright vivid and very low power consumption .
- Off immediately without waiting warm-up/cold start.
Less heat for longer durability .
Voltage is 85-264 VAC also work well , even with the power outage .
Ballast and Starter need for anymore.
No flashing light to the eyes .
No mercury in lighting .
Easy to install, insert the tube immediately .
Save money, time and labor for maintenance .
Not a radio or electromagnetic interference.

Good for

The shining road signs freeway tunnel building a golf course parking lot stadium stage school facility .
Free exhibitions advertising light box offices, studios, etc., all of which showcase the need to save electricity .

Why pay for expensive!
The latest technology. Value for the investment.

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