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Geotextile Tube

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The use of geotextile manufactured into a containment product has been used for many years in a wide variety of applications.

Geotextile Tube

CeTeau Tube
The use of geotextile manufactured into a containment product has been used for many years in a wide variety of applications. The use of sand filled bags, “sandbags” have been used the world over to form simple and effective retaining structures in land stabilization retaining structures or to provide a temporary barrier against floodwaters. More recently, there have been developments that have justified the use of larger bags to be effective in providing more permanent solutions in coastal structures for defense against coastal erosion problems.

CeTeau Tube has a wide range of application and is currently used in many civil and geotechnical engineering applications including:
‣ Marine Engineering 
‣ Erosion Control
‣ Earth Dam
‣ Dewatering Appication

Geotextile Tubes have been successfully used to dewater contaminated sediments, industrial process waste, agricultural process waste, sewerage sludge and other such waste stream products. The system provides a low cost, efficient means of containment and consolidation of waste. The technology is evolving with new developments in fabric construction and fabrication techniques.

Containment & Dewatering

The use of specialty textiles fabricated into large diameter tubes has found increasing acceptance throughout the world as an effective after-native low cost method of dewatering a range of sludge materails, hazardous contaminated soils or dredged waste materials.

The use of the Ceteau Tube works effectively by:


Containing the fine grained material to dewatered within the unique weave of the Ceteau Tube textile.

Dewatering of the excess water through the specially constructed high flow pores of the Ceteau Tube textile. There is significant volume reduction of the material in this stage which allows for repeated fikking of the Ceteau Tube product in many cases.


Consolidation of the fines occurring after the final cycle of filling and dewatering. The fine grained solids contained the Ceteau Tube continue to consolidate through desiccation within the Ceteau Tube continue to consolidate through the unique pore structure of the Ceteau Tube.This results in most effective way of final disposal of the waste.

"Ceteau Tube ha been manufactured using ultra flow textile for superior dewatering function"

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