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Fermented tea for health Fermen The hair from fermented tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, fermented by natural processes. No alcohol, children can drink.


Fermente (Fermenthé) Selected only premium tea leaves. with high polyphenols To make the drink get the most benefits and taste the best. Using local ingredients from a small community in Chiang Mai that has long been engaged in the tea-making industry. (hundred-year forest tea enterprise Mae Soe Village, Pa Pae Subdistrict, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province including Assam tea from Doi Pu Muen, Mae Ai District, Fang District and Chiang Dao District), which is a natural source on the high mountain that is very rich. It is the use of raw materials from the community for sustainability. because in addition to the community being able to have a sustainable occupation It also results in better forest ecosystems. Because the community takes care of intruders and destroys the forest. Because the forest is a source of income for the community.


Ms. Organics, มิส ออร์กานิคส์, Fermenthe', เฟอร์เมนเต้, T-Revive, ที-รีไวฟ์, Honey Vinegar Tea, ชาหมักผสมน้ำผึ้ง, LuckYim , ลูกอมลักยิ้ม, Sparkling Kombucha, PureLamoon Serum, เซรั่ม เพียวลามูน

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Mobile:   +66 92-279-8035
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Net Weight 2.7 grams
Price: 49.00 THB
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