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Counter Cabinet (sleeper) Size 150x70x80

Category: Franchise
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Mobile:   +66 99-324-9888
Counter Cabinet (sleeper) Size 150x70x80. Focus on advanced, feature rich, beautiful modern design.

Counter Cabinet (sleeper) Size 150x70x80


Counter Cabinet (sleeper) Size 150x70x80. 
Focus on advanced, feature rich, beautiful modern design. 
The compact space saving for frozen food, meat, vegetables, fresh fruit 
Cabinet is made from finest stainless steel. Hygienic easy to clean no rust 
The controlled cooling with thermostat starts. Temperature can be adjusted manually. 
Use insulation to cool high density. Get the best power-saving cooling. 
Use liquid refrigerant R-134a CFC-free compounds can help protect the environment. 
16 queue capacity. 
Compressor 5 / 8 hp (1 each). 
6 floors of shelves. 
Weight 160 kg 
+2 To +8 degrees Celsius.
Shop for: Mini Mart, supermarkets, shops. 

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Level 2 Saller
Address: 384 Bangkhutian-Chaitalae , Samaedum, Bangkhutian, Bangkok, 10170 Thailand
Mobile:   +66 99-324-9888
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