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Coco Farm Coconut Oil for Cooking (1000 ml)

Category: Food & Beverage
Thai Nature Trading
Mobile:   +66 96 351 9914
Price 195 THB Coconut oil for healthy cooking for frying, stir-frying, cooking, dressing, rancid High heat resistance Make the food taste better.

Coco Farm Coconut Oil for Cooking (1000 ml)

Coconut oil for cooking healthy.

- For fried fried, make a salad dressing.

- No rancidity High heat resistance Make the food taste better.

- No coconut odor mixed with food.

- Free of cholesterol and trans fat.

- No carcinogen And anti-oxidants.

Price 195 THB

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Price: 195.00 THB / Piece
Level 2 Saller
Address: 9/349 The Pleno (Ekachai-Karnchanaphisek), Soi Ekachai 99/2, Ekachai Rd.,, Bangbontai, Bangbon, Bangkok, 10150 Thailand
Mobile:   +66 96 351 9914
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