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Biotech Product for Waste Water Treatment

Category: Environmental
Place of Origin: India
Brand: Bioclean
Organica Biotech
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Biotech Product for Waste Water Treatment

Bioclean is organic powder form, which can be directly applied in biological treatment. Bioclean is a consortium of superior strains of microbes/enzymes capable of degrading different compounds in efficient and effective manner. Each gram of Bioclean may contain up to 96 different strains of bacteria which are highly stable.

Product Feature
Property- Natural and safe powder
Application - For all biological treatment tanks
Concentration- 10^7 to 10^10 CFU/gm
Active Ingredients- Consortium of effective beneficial microorganisms. May contain up to 76 - 96 different microbial strains. 
Storage- No Special storage
Shelf-life- 2 years 

Product Specification/Models

- Saves energy costs.
- Generates minimum sludge, hence less handling of sludge.
- Increases efficiency of plant.
- Reduces need for other chemical addition.
- Can handle shock loads very well.
- Increases stability of ETP / CETP.
- Odour control.
- Up to 95% reduction in BOD & 90% reduction in COD load.
- Little or no process modifications required.
- No need of change of design of ETP.
- Easy handling & application
- No messy cow dung handling.
- Economical as less manpower needed.

- Chemical industries
- Pharmaceutical units
- Sugar and Distilleries
- Food processing units
- Petrochemical Industries
- Fertilizers and Pesticides
- Refineries
- Milk, Dairy and Cheese processing units
- Fisheries and Meat processing units
- Butcheries and meat processing units
- Paper and Pulp mills
- Breweries, Wine and Alcohol plants
- Solvent extraction units
- Tanneries
- Leather processing units
- Textile units
- Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP

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Address: India
Phone:   +66 +91-22-6797 5150
Fax:   +66 +91-22-6797 5149
Mobile:   +66 +91 8422969617
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