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Auomatic Sanding Machine

Place of Origin: China
Brand: Changxing
Model/Product ID: CXCT
Changxing Machinery (Linyi) Co.,Ltd
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Auomatic Sanding Machine

Changxing Machinery (Linyi) Co.,Ltd,founded in 2003,which is located in the largest panel production base of China-Linyi city,Shandong province.It inherits the best technologies and management ideas from its parent company Taiwan Changxing Machinery Co.,Ltd,which was founded in Kaohsiung,Taiwan in 1990.

It is mainly engaged in the woodworking machinery's designing,planning and manufacturing,also in distributing famous brands wood based panel manufacturing machinery,like as fully automatic core veneer stitching machine,face veneer splicing machine,sanding machine,drying machine,trimming machine and so on.These machines are hot sold in mainland China,Philippine,Malaysia, Indonesia,Vietnam,India,Middle East,Africa,South America,Russian and other countries and regions.

Since its founding,Changxing takes "Industry Innovation","Driving The Industry Revolution" as own responsibility,and is committed to develop and absorb the world's most advanced technology of plywood machine.In the past 23 years,Changxing has gone through a proud development period along with the fast development of plywood industry and woodworking machinery industry worldwide.As the industry leader,Changxing has the biggest market share today and becomes the top level wood panel stiching machine manufacturer with the international reputation.

Production Parameter
Maximum Working Width 1270mm
Mximum Working Height 160mm
Feed Rate 30-90m/min
Belt Size 51X103 (Inch)
#1 Sanding Head Motor 30X6 (kmXp)
#2 Sanding Head Motor 30X6 (kmXp)
Feed Conveyor Motor 5.6X4 (kmXp)
Bed Lifting Motor 0.75X2 (kmXp)
Panel Brush Motor 0.75X2 (kmXp)
Installation Area Required 2820X2740X2400mm
Net Weight 9000kgs
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Level 1 Saller
Address: High-Tech Zone, Lanshan District, Linyi, 276000 China
Phone:   +86 086-539-8433006
Fax:   +86 086-539-8433006
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