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YORK Gear 5 นิ้ว

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YORK Gear 5 นิ้ว

YORK Gear 5 นิ้ว

Butterfly Valve

Product Features

ㆍ Small in size & light in weight and maintenance, It can be mounted wherever needed.

ㆍ Simple, compact structure, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

ㆍ Disc has two-way bearing, perfect seail, without leakage under the pressure tost.

ㆍ Flow curve tending to straight-line. Excellent regulation performance.

ㆍ Various kinds of materials, applicable to different medias.

ㆍ Strong wash and brush resistance, and can fit to bad working condition.

ㆍ Center plate structure, small torque of open and close. ㆍ Long service life. Standing the test of ten thousands opening and closing operation.

ㆍ Can be used in cutting off and regulating medium.

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ราคา: 3,100.00 THB / ชิ้น
สั่งซื้อ (3,100.00 ฿)
Level 2 Saller
ที่อยู่: 9 ซ.สะแกงาม 17 แสมดำ ถ.พระราม 2 แขวงแสมดำ เขตบางขุนเทียน 10150, ประเทศไทย
เว็บไซต์: https://www.valves-mart.com
โทรศัพท์:   02-894-9963
แฟกซ์:   02-894-9964
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