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SRP S300

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แฟกซ์:   02-060-2966
olutions Hospitality Ticketing Public sector Retail Higher Performance and Lower TCO 3 inch Linerless Label Printer

SRP S300

The SRP-S300 is a 3 inch linerless label printer. Designed for order printing in restaurant due to its higher performance and Lower TCO.

∙ Quick Service Restaurant
∙ Food Delivery
∙ Logistics (TOTES box)
∙ Library
∙ Laboratory
∙ Lottery
Multiple Media Choices
- Supports sticky, re-stick and linerless
extreme label printing
(Equipped with rubber platen rollers)
- Standard receipt printing
- 83 / 80 / 62 / 58 / 40 mm media width supported

Exceptional Technology
- A water-resistant cover protects the main-board
from water and moisture (IP21 certified)
- Optional taken sensor : Label will not continue to
print until current label is removed to prevent jamming
- Built-in B-Melodist
• Voice error message
• One-time or continuous alarm for order notification

Lower TCO
- World's first linerless label printer equipped
with specialized back-feed technology
- Anti-jam technology is provided by special
paper path design and automatic guillotine
cutting system
- Paper saving mode reduces the length of a
receipt up to 25%
- Easy to replace auto-cutter is included

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เว็บไซต์: www.barcodesticker.net
โทรศัพท์:   062-3519526, 084-5556570
แฟกซ์:   02-060-2966
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