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Walker Rollator TA-801

Category: Medical Equipment
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Brand: Sukhumvit Medical Center
Mobile:   +66 87-797-2798, +66 82-996-6760
♦ Size seat width 38 cm, height 54 cm ♦ Handle height adjustable 5 levels . ♦ Weight 8 kg

Walker Rollator TA-801

Walker with Wheels and Seat (Rollator).
Model: TA-801.


♦ The structure is made of aluminum coated well.

♦ The anti-slip brake.

♦ curved backrest. Covered with soft PVC.

♦ foldable.

♦ Black leather seats are lifted.

♦ Size seat width 38 cm, height 54 cm

♦ Handle height adjustable 5 levels.

♦ Weight 8 kg

♦ A change at the drop of a basket.

♦ 8-inch wheels.

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Level 2 Saller
Address: 1 Room 103, Home Building, Soi Sukhumvit 58, Sukhumvit Road, Bangjak, Bangkok, 10260 Thailand
Mobile:   +66 87-797-2798, +66 82-996-6760
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