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Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Model/Product ID: DZ(Q)400TE, DZ300T/A, DZ8060, DZP400
Phone:   +66 2 451 6366-7
Fax:   +66 2 451 6368
Mobile:   +66 81 672 1913
Model: DZ(Q)400TE, DZ300T/A, DZ8060, DZP400

Vacuum Packaging Machine


DZ(Q)400TE Vacuum Packaging Machine

Chamber size: 440×420×75 mm. (DZ400TE)
Sealing-bar: 400×10 mm. (DZ400TE)
Capacity: 20 m3/h, Cycle time: 10-25 sec.

Gas flush, Stainless steel body with flower printer, single
sealing bar or double sealing bar, Other voltages available.


DZ300T/A Vacuum Packaging Machine
Stainless-steel vacuum chamber

Chamber size: 385×280×50 mm.
Single sealing-bar: L260×W8 mm.
Vacuum pump Capacity: 10 m3/h,
Cycle time:10-20 sec.

Machine/Table model/Stainless-steel
housing/High transparent lid

Voltage: 1phase 220V/50Hz
Power: 0.4 KW
Machine size: 490×450×320 mm.

Options: Other voltages available


DZ8060 Vacuum Packaging Machine
Stainless-steel vacuum chamber

Single sealing-bar: 800×10 mm. (DZ8060/A)
Double sealing-bar: 600×10 mm. (DZ8060/B)
Double sealing-bar: 350×10 mm. (DZ8035)
Vacuum pump Capacity: 40 m3/h,
Cycle time:10-40 sec.

Any special size available

DZP400 Vacuum Packaging Machine
Stainless-steel flat working plate

Double sealing-bar: 500×10 mm. (DZP500)
Double sealing-bar: 400×10 mm. (DZP400)
Vacuum pump Capacity: 20 m3/h,
Cycle time:10-35 sec.

Machine Floor model, Stainless-steel housing,
Stainless-steel lid.

Working height: 900 mm.
Voltage: 1phase 220V/50Hz
Power: 0.8 KW
Machine size: 710×670×1050 mm. (DZP500),
610×580×1050 mm. (DZP400)

Options: Gas flush, Busch pump,
Other voltages available.

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Level 2 Saller
Address: 10 Soi Sakaengam 14, Samaedum, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, 10150 Thailand
Phone:   +66 2 451 6366-7
Fax:   +66 2 451 6368
Mobile:   +66 81 672 1913
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