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Stringray and Snake Handbag

Category: Bags, cases
ELG (Exotique leathter goods)
Phone:   +66 2-7012682-9
Fax:   +66 2-7012681
Mobile:   +66 88-535-6767
ELG (Exotique leathter Goods) s a leading manufacturer of EXOTIC & MARINE skin in Thailand

Stringray and Snake Handbag

NICE & RICH CREATION CO.,LTD Tel +6627012682-9, +66811106669

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Price: 4,035.00 USD / Piece
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Level 2 Saller
Address: 458 Moo 1 Soi Fok Nang, Tessabarn Bangpu Soi 52, Old Sukhumvit Rd. Taiban, Bangpu, Samutprakarn, Bangpu, Muang Samutprakarn, Samutprakan, 10280 Thailand
Phone:   +66 2-7012682-9
Fax:   +66 2-7012681
Mobile:   +66 88-535-6767
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