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Riyana Tablets For Grease Degradation

Category: Environmental
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Brand: Riyana
Chatravat Co., Ltd.
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Fax:   +66 2-5139485
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Riyana Tablets For Grease Degradation. Fast dissolve, high concentrated and powerful tablet.

Riyana Tablets For Grease Degradation

Biological Grease Treatment

"Powerful granule. Control bad smell, wastewater and fat degradation"

Riyana fast dissolve degradation tablet helps degrade grease and treat waste water from the source. It helps reduce accumulated grease in grease trap. It turns hard grease accumulated in grease trap to be soft foam. It eliminates accumulated grease in grease trap surface and reduce smelly from grease accumulation.

Today, wastewater is a chronic problem difficult to resolve is the source of the bacteria and cause pollution. Water pollution is a problem that should not be overlooked, especially wastewater resulting from plant and animal fats. These problems are caused by cooking or disposing of food waste into the sewer and public water supply, including eliminating the stench of urine, dogs, cats and other pets.


RIYANA TABLETS   Fat Degradation, Melting Faster, Very Intensive Power, Wastewater Treatment



RIYANA TABLETS is concentrated effective microorganism help digest fats, treatment water from waste water sources by reduces amount of fat in the grease trap and stench of fat. In addition, the concentrated effective microorganism will flow to the drain and help to digest grime.

Using Riyana tablets (quick dissolving) help to digest fats, treatment of wastewater from wastewater sources by reduce fat accumulated in grease traps and reduce the smell from the accumulation of fat.

Grease Trap

Use daily Riyana Tablet for the restaurant before close kitchen. Mixing Riyana 1 tablet with water 20 liters and poured into the sink. There are reduce grease in the grease trap, odor removal, and reduce grease stains, it make the amount of flies and cockroaches less obviously.



Just mixed Riyana Tablets deodorizing urine of dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets. Just mix Riyana 1 tablet with water 20 liters used to wash the floor, spray an unpleasant odor on the sofa seat and use to take a bath pets to reduce the unpleasant odors.



GOOD FOR  Tenement (5 person/unit) : Use 1 Tablet / Month

GOOD FOR  Restaurant : Use 1 Tablet / Day

GOOD FOR  Small Hotels : Use 5 Tablets / Day

GOOD FOR  Medium and Large Hotels : Use 1 Tablet / Day

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Phone:   +66 2-5138283-4
Fax:   +66 2-5139485
Mobile:   +66 85-2964497
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