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Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Model/Product ID: DZP(Q)500/2SB,DZQ600/2SB
Phone:   +66 2 451 6366-7
Fax:   +66 2 451 6368
Mobile:   +66 81 672 1913
Model: DZP(Q)500/2SB, DZQ600/2SB

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZP(Q)500/2SB Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

FEATURES: This package is set with the function of combining vacuum, sealing,
painting in one process and, for different packing materials and requirements,
with the adjustable devices for the vacuum, hot-sealing temperature and time
so as for the users to get optimum selection and adjustment for an optimum
effect of packing. The printing device with a convenient letter-change and clear
printing is available per the desire of the users, with which,users may print on
the sealing at the same time for sealing the valid period, date of ex-factory,
code of ex-factory etc. To meet with the provision of the national food label law.
The package features advanced design, full function, stable and reliable
performance, good sealing strength, strong packing capacity, convenient
operation and service, high economic benefit etc.
And is the dealer machinery for the vacuum packager.

DZQ600/2SB are suitable for vacuum packaging with gas-flush

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Specification:

Stainless-steel vacuum chamber size: 540×670×50 mm.
Double sealing-bar: 620×10 mm.
Vacuum pump Capacity: 40 m3/h,
Cycle time:10-40 sec.
Machine Double Chamber Model: Stainless-steel housing, Stainless-steel lid.
Voltage: 3phase 380V/50Hz
Power: 3.2 KW
Machine size: 1450×750×1000 mm.
Options: Gas flush, 63m3/h pump, Busch pump, Other voltages available.

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Phone:   +66 2 451 6366-7
Fax:   +66 2 451 6368
Mobile:   +66 81 672 1913
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