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Air Cell Mattress Infinity

Category: Medical Equipment
Place of Origin: Bangkok
Brand: Sukhumvit Medical Center
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Air Cell Mattress Infinity

Air Cell Mattress Infinity

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Air Cell Mattress Infinity

Specifications to the bedsore mattress brand Infinity.
1. General qualification
Is a 2-stroke, air mattresses contain balls arranged in a row along with Paste. The air pressure to the air suspension switch is running continuously. The wind will blow it up while it is collapsing. The couch is moving constantly. Pressure to reduce the surface contact between the patient and the mattress. Prevent pressure ulcers. Due to the weight of the patient on the couch once in a while. The cells of the body area being crushed to death. The rot symptoms. The lesions are difficult to cure. For patients with stroke. Help themselves or not.
2. Features of the pump.
2.1 Switch on - off. And light up the machine.
2.2 Adjust the air pressure figures. To the patient's weight. Can be adjusted from 40-100 mmHg.
2.3 The work is up automatically. By changing the air pressure is bordered by two strokes.
2.4 Maximum flow rate 9 l / min.
2.5 The adjustment of the air pressure switch CYCLE 12 minutes each consecutive set.
2.6 Dimensions Width 10 cm long, 28 cm high, 20.5 cm
2.7 The machine weighs 2.2 kg.
2.8 to 220 V, 50 Hz power went silent.
2.9 The warning signal. When the pressure within the normal mattresses.
Three. Features of the air mattress.
3.1 The mattress is made of PVC coated nylon material. (Made with a durable plastic) to minimize the loss of air from the mattress. Drain the water and can be very humid.
3.2 contains 21 balls numbered ball is placed horizontally. Replace each of the balls wind up with a third child.
Mattress Sizes 3.3 to 90 cm long, 192 cm wide
3.4 cloth header and footer for the implant under the mattress. To prevent the movement of air mattresses.
3.5 3 mm of insulation strength to prevent breaking, bending and twisting of the hose.
3.6 to 150 kg patient weight.
3.7 The ventilation equipment out of bed quickly (CPR Release) in case of need rehab. Or using the twist heart patients.
3.8 is equipped with an air hose to the air with ease. Mattress preserved in patient transport.
4th. Feature of the mattress cover.
4.1 is a 100% waterproof cover types.
5. INFINITY Taiwan.
6. 3-year warranty on both the unit and mattress.
7. A comprehensive guide English Thailand / English 1 set.

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Mobile:   +66 87-797-2798, +66 82-996-6760
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